The Oliver Harvey Product Guide - Something to Share

Posted on Oct 16th 2018

Our little freebies in every order are one of the best decisions we ever made. The response from our customers has been phenomenal and we get 2 or 3 mentions a month on TrustPilot about them. We always knew that the Oliver Harvey Sharpies would be a winner, as for chefs they are worth their weight in gold. We were confident that our air fresheners would be popular too, after all if you’ve been working for 16 hours in the same chef jacket and you need to store it in your locker for laundering, the locker is going to smell. It shouldn’t have to! Without being overly boastful, we think it's little touches like these that set us apart from every other chef wear manufacturer.

So when we decided we wanted to add something new into our orders, we thought long and hard about what would be the best option. We decided on a Product Guide. Our reasons behind this was to give you something a little different, tangible and traditional. It’s effectively a mini brochure, highlighting a variety of our key products and services, accompanied by some of our stand out Wall of Wearers. We are hoping that it will be something you enjoy having a skim through, so you can learn more about us, what we do and why we do it.

 Chef Aprons from the Product Guide

If you are a head chef, owner or manager you may also find it useful to co-ordinate your front of house and back of house uniform. As you know from our website we have devised a range of products suited to each section. So rather than you having to open numerable tabs on your browser, you can simply flick through the pages and compare our Chef and Front of House aprons. Alternatively, if you have used our website just to buy precisely what you need and never found the time to browse, we are hoping this Product Guide will be able to show you a bit more of what we do in a few seconds.

Front of House Aprons from the Product Guide

The final part of why we did this mini brochure is something we would like from you! If you have been happy with our products, delivery and customer service then we would be eternally grateful if you could share our Product Guide to your friends and colleagues who have never used or heard of us before. We hope that whenever you have ordered from us, you have seen that we try and go the extra mile for you. Be that from our product design, to our packaging, the little freebies of course and our customer service. We want all chefs and hospitality staff to have that experience. So once you’ve finished using our guide yourself, please pass it on.


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