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  • Custom Cross Back Aprons By Oliver Harvey

    Our latest innovation in front of house aprons comes in the form of the Custom Cross Back Apron, a fully customisable apron designed to offer you the greatest array of choices possible for you to tailor your uniform perfectly to your business. These custom aprons are built using our online custom apron builder and are a markedly different offering from the other front of house aprons in our growing range.

    Each apron base and tie is made from 100% premium cotton and is manufactured in our UK-based factory in Manchester. The cross-back style and level of customisation is unlike anything seen the UK, making it a unique proposition for your restaurant, pub or bar.

    There is far more to a quality front of house apron than simply manufacturing and designing it in Great Britain, even when using premium fabrics. True quality stems from a far deeper level of detail. It comes from fusing perfect design, with fantastic materials and manufacturing in a way that makes a product feel like more than the sum of its parts.

    The custom cross back aprons are the result of several years of research, planning and design. We wanted to ensure that the initial colours we selected complemented each other perfectly, while granting enough choice and vibrancy to suit as many people as possible. Our aprons all started out as a square of 100% cotton fabric on our cutting table in our Manchester factory. It's not just about looks though; we needed to ensure the aprons had a fantastic level of functionality and detail. Two metred hip pockets and a hanger loop provide this, while the hip eyelets and press stud fastening make it incredibly easy to remove and attach your custom straps.

    So if you are looking for a front of house apron for your restaurant thats flexible, unique and fun, then we certainly hope you choose one of our custom cross back aprons. The time and effort that our skilled designers and sewing machinists put into each apron is so you can buy products that can't exist elsewhere. 


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