Our Handpicked Collection of Waistcoats

We have added to our Handpicked Collection with a dynamic and formal range of waistcoats. We make it our mission to source the finest products from around the world and deliver them with our signature Oliver Harvey customer service. Our waistcoat range is for both men and women, with check and herringbone weaves.

  • Waistcoats from Oliver Harvey

    The waistcoat has long been a staple in hospitality uniforms for front of house. Smart, professional and easy to use in the busy restaurant environment the waistcoat really is the perfect compliment for the formal aesthetic. Sometimes, customers want the full dining experience and having a front of house uniform which eminates that is essential. Along with our exciting range of shirts and blouses, our new waistcoats can really deliver the look your customers are after.

    We trawled long and hard to find the perfect waistcoats for our customers. With such a broad category of product, the range in quality is vast. That's why we took the time to find the very best out there for the most reasonable prices to make sure we can continue to deliver the best value to you.

    Our Oliver Harvey waistcoat range is diverse in its styles. From the classic, Scottish tweed to more contemporary check patterns we know there'll be something in here for you and your customers.  


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