Chef Aprons

Chef Aprons

Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain

A stylish range of Bib and Waist Aprons using classic fabrics like White 100% Cotton or the Traditional 100% Cotton Navy/White Butchers stripe. Each apron comes complete with branded non-tangle ties and cloth holder to ensure that you look your best in service!

  • Chef Aprons by Oliver Harvey

    The chefs apron is one of the simplest pieces of clothing which a chef will wear while working yet this does not mean that it is the simplest item to manufacture. Our range of bib and waist aprons have an emphasis on quality and lifespan to provide you with the very best aprons available.

    When we first set about designing our aprons we wanted to try and improve this basic product to a level where we offer small touches that make life easier for chefs. The first such touch that we made was the addition of a cloth loop sewn onto the side of our aprons so you always have your cloth handy and do not need to tuck it into the ties. We also made sure that we created a high quality non tangle tie for our chef aprons to avoid any annoying knots forming. We believe these features provide a unique appeal to our aprons and also represent our commitment to attention to detail.

    There is more to a good quality apron than longevity alone. We have a fantastic range of colours to allow you to create great contrasts between the chef whites and aprons. All of our aprons are available in white, black, navy, grey and brown. Additionally our range of bib aprons are available in olive and with blue and white butchers stripes. We use two main materials for the aprons, all of the colours are a PolyCotton mix while our white aprons are 100% cotton. If you are looking for something even more robust we also produce our bib and waist apron in a Ripstop material. This is a special weave in the fabric that makes the aprons almost impossible to tear.

    While we only have a certain number of aprons on our website, we would implore you to get in touch with us if you want something that you cannot see. Due to their basic nature, we can very easily manufacture aprons with bespoke styles for your restaurant; whether this be new colours, styles or fabrics. This is one of the strengths of our commitment to British manufacturing; total control and flexibility of production.


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