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Chef's Clothing for Outside the Kitchen

For the past 10 years we have been serving up the finest quality and diligently designed chefwear to keep your kitchen look on point. But we have always played with the idea of taking our signature flair to more traditional clothing. That’s why we have developed this concise range of sweatshirts, because why don’t chefs have their own clothing brand?

  • Since 2009, you have chosen us for your chefwear because of our quality, style, provenance and customer service. Every garment with our name on it represents what we are about and the new Lifestyle Collection is no exception. We have always played with the idea of creating a lifestyle range for chefs. After all, you are a unique and creative bunch and you put your own mark on everything you do. Indeed, being a chef is an identity far beyond that of simply your job. So we think you deserve something of your own! We have perused all of the finest garments available to deliver you the best possible sweats and hoodies with our unique, signature style. Everything in the Lifestyle Collection is made from 100% sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester which in short means less energy and less water involved in production and substantially less emissions than what you’d be buying from a retail outfit. As well as the environmental benefit, wearing organic cotton is softer and kinder on the skin and we think it gives a really distinctive look. So take your own flair out and about with our latest range. Perfect for the colder commutes to and from the kitchen!

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