All the quotes from World Mental Health Day

Posted on Oct 12th 2020

When ourselves and Pilot Light asked chefs and anyone else hospitality to share how they were feeling at the moment for World Mental Health Day, we had no idea about the amazing response we would receive.

First and foremost, to everyone who shared their thoughts with us, thank you! It was both wonderful and inspiring to see so many quotes from chefs of all backgrounds across the country and beyond. If one person in our industry suffering with their mental health has sought help because of our actions then it has been nothing but a sucess. 

It is going to be a tough few months to put it mildly, but if you are ever feeling low and lacking motivation, we hope chefs and anyone hospitality will come here to be inspired by their counterparts:

Adam Gaunt-Evans

Adam Handling

Alan Bird

Alex Brown

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Watts

Ashley Rayner

Bailey Calverley

Ben Beatty

Ben Murphy

Brian Powlett

Chris Summers

Chris Turnbull

Craig Edgell

Damien Wager

Daniel Ayton

Daniel Britten

Daniel Watkins

Darren Coslett-Blaize

Darryl Quested

Dave Daniels Ekarte

Dave Sargent

David Hearn

David Hetherington

Doug Sanham

Eddie Kilty

Fabio Furlan

Harrison Mason

Hayden Groves

Jaime Park

Jake Boyce

Jake Mann

James Hulme

James Jay

James Shaw

Jason Howard

Jes James

Joe Hillier

Joel Fearnley

Kathryn Cuthbertson

Kevin Weilding

Kyle Greenwood

Liv Connolly-Balstock

Louisa Ellis

Luke Wignall

Mark Tilling

Matt Budden

Matt Mason

Matthew Edmonds

Michael Carl

Michelle Trusselle

Nathan Snoddon

Nick Vadis

Owain Hill

Phil Joy

Rico Fonesca

Robbie Lorraine

Rohin Jairath

Sal Brock

Simon Osmond

Stefan McNight

Steve Connolly-Bastock

Thomas William-Greig

Tom Martin

Tommy Heaney

Wayne Sullivan

Will Torrent

Yasmin Godfrey

Zoe Simons


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