How to get the most out of your denim!

Posted on Nov 02nd 2018

To mark our new denim custom cross back apron and custom waist bases we thought it would be a great idea to share our knowledge on looking after denim fabrics so you can get the most out of your new aprons. As we all know, denim can be a tricky material to look after and get the most out of, and if you get it wrong then it could be a very costly mistake.

It is also important to know that with denim, the fading and tearing is a certainty. No denim, whatever the quality, survives perfectly, indefinitely. So the guide below is how to keep your apron looking as fresh as possible, for as long as possible.

Washing and Cleaning:

Firstly, is to avoid the first wash for as long as you can. Of course, you are only delaying the inevitable but the longer you can avoid it, the better the results and fit long term. But what happens if you get a mark on your first wear? The solution is simple, spot cleaning! We recommend an old tooth brush (a damp cloth is also fine) with some cold water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Circular scrubbing around the affected area, with a pinch of patience, should lift most minor stains. If the stain persists repeat this process a few times before giving up. There is one school of thought where freezing your denim or applying vinegar to stained areas helps lift the mark and reduce the smell. We cannot recommend taking either of those steps, but there’s plenty of literature on the internet about this so might be worth a look.

Denim Aprons

However, these are very much a short term solutions and eventually you’ll need to give your denim apron a proper wash. Jean fanatics argue that premium denim shouldn’t go near the washing machine. Instead, they advocate a cold hand wash with either washing up liquid or a denim specific detergent. Of course, if you’re after the perfect finish then this is the best method. But life quite often gets in the way of such diligence and if you are looking after a number of aprons then the time required to do this would be excessive.

You can of course put all of our denim aprons in your washing machine. What is essential is to ensure it is on a cold temperature. Although they will withstand up to 50oc, we recommend a 30oC wash to reduce the risk of the dye bleeding and possible shrinkage. And always read the label to double check! We also think it best to wash at most 5 denim aprons at a time. This is because denim is a heavy material and too much in one wash may hinder the results. It is also paramount that you remove your aprons from the wash as soon as possible. A quick spin on a low speed is fine, but once the cycle is complete get them out straight away. Wet denim is shrinking denim!

Drying and Storing:

 As Levis state “dryers are the natural enemies of jeans”. Now this is of course a slightly exaggerated expression and you can tumble dry your denim aprons on a low temperature. But it does risk shrinkage and unnecessary wear and tear. For better results and reduced risk, air dry your damp denim. Remember to do this as soon as the washing cycle is finished. As sunlight can often bleach the fabric, finding an area where they are in the breeze but away from the UV light is perfect. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, then lay out your aprons on a clean towel on the floor to catch any leaking dye and or water. Then just hang on your maiden.

When you’re happy with the results it’s time to put your aprons away. Thankfully, denim here shows its versatility. You can fold up and store, or simply hang your apron in the wardrobe. The results are relatively even, with perhaps hanging offering a slight edge long term. Just make sure you don’t store your denim in sunlight.

We hope you have found these tips useful. We at Oliver Harvey feel it is part of our job to give you our expertise on how to best look after our products.  If you have any advice of your own please share it with us or in our Facebook groups. And don’t forget if you want to design you own denim apron then check out our new bases in our cross back apron and waist apron builders!


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