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The Results from the Oliver Harvey 2019 Customer Survey

Posted on Mar 13th 2019

We had another fantastic response to this year’s Customer Survey, although a certain GDPR caused a slight dip from the incredible numbers of 2018. We would not be the company we claim to be without making sure that our customers are happy with what we are doing and give them an opportunity to tell us what they’d like us to do. Our annual survey is an integral part of our ongoing customer conversation because at the end of the day our mentality is to serve you as best we can. Therefore, we shall go through our key takeaways as we always do and also provide a short update on the changes we have made following 2018’s survey:

Customer Service

Starting with a self-congratulatory pat on the back, we received 4.61/5 for our customer service. This is our highest score ever and we could not be more grateful for all the wonderful feedback we have received. We would not be a quintessentially British company if we did not prioritise our customer service and therefore we will continue to do so.

Speed of Delivery

Our score for delivery speed slightly dipped from last year to 4.19/5 which is still a very positive response. However, as Next Day Delivery becomes more commonplace across e-commerce our customers are becoming more accustomed to it and expectations have changed. This is something we have been working towards for the past few months and the framework is now very much in place. As some of you have no doubt noticed, we have been testing this over the past 6 weeks with no hiccups. We shall be doing a formal announcement about this very soon….

Quality of Products

We received 4.55/5 for the quality of our garments, which is absolutely wonderful. Similarly to our customer service, product quality has always been at the heart of Oliver Harvey and it’s why we have become what we have become. There were a few issues highlighted in our 2018 survey regarding our Lancashire Trouser, as you can see from this article we have altered this product to address the issues mentioned and have seen a big improvement from it. As most of our garments are handmade the odd issue such as a faulty button may arise. If it does, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our upmost to rectify it.

New Products

We love hearing from our customers about what they think we should do next. We honestly wish we could do everything suggested. However, there are some exciting new things in development. Our first new chef jacket in 4 years is coming out very soon, we will elaborate more on this in the coming weeks, but we are quite proud of it and it came into being because of you! Over the course of the year we will have several new products coming out and looking forward to letting you know them in due course.


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